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Equality in extradition is all about fighting unfair extradition from the UK. A person in the UK has little to no chance of stopping their Extradition to the US, but a person indicted in the US can challenge the information in the Indictment before and trial is set or remand considered. Extradition from the UK or from any country can be a taxing and harrowing experience. With different countries having different treaties with each other citizens can find their human and legal rights being tore apart.
The increased complexity and volume of law today has created the need for specialisation in order to provide the right quality of service. As a result a number of Extradition UK clients are looked after by more than one Partner or member of staff. Nevertheless we strive hard to maintain the close relationship which should exist between client and solicitor. Investment in modern technology has enabled us to improve the quality and efficiency of our service to clients. Extradition UK look to set new standards in the provision of high quality, reasonably priced, legal services to private, institutional and corporate clients. You can get a quote on-line.

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